5 teams contacted 49ers about trading for Nick Bosa

5 teams (JAG, NYJ, PHI, PIT, SEA) contacted 49ers about trading for Nick Bosa.

The teams that contacted the 49ers

The Jaguars, Jets, Eagles, Steelers, and Seahawks contacted the 49ers about Bosa.

Why the teams were interested in Bosa

Teams were interested in Bosa because he is a young, talented, and productive player.

Why the 49ers didn't trade Bosa

49ers didn't trade Bosa because they didn't want to part with one of their best players.

What this means for Bosa

Bosa will remain with the 49ers for the foreseeable future.

What this means for the 49ers

49ers will have to pay Bosa a significant amount of money.

The impact of a Bosa trade

A Bosa trade would have had a significant impact on the 49ers' defense.

The outlook for Bosa

Bosa is expected to be a dominant player for many years to come.