1. Intricate Peacock: A peacock-inspired design with elaborate feathers and details.

2. Floral Delight: Delicate flowers, leaves, and vines forming an elegant pattern.

3. Mandala Magic: Concentric circles and intricate patterns creating a mesmerizing look.

4. Minimalist Charm: Simple and elegant designs on the fingertips or wrist.

5. Modern Elements: Incorporate contemporary elements like geometric shapes or initials.

6. Traditional Motifs: Classic paisleys, swirls, and dots for a timeless touch.

7. Bridal Elegance: Elaborate full-hand designs with rich detailing, ideal for special occasions.

8. Ethereal Lace: Delicate lace-like patterns that give a light and airy feel.

9. Arabic Flair: Bold and flowing designs with open spaces and shading for a unique look.

10. Rajasthani Beauty: A mix of intricate patterns, dots, and symbols reflecting Rajasthan's rich culture.