8 worst foods to consume during anxiety

1. Caffeine: High doses of caffeine can lead to increased heart rate, jitters, and nervousness.

2. Sugar: High-sugar foods may cause energy crashes and mood swings.

3. Processed Foods: They often contain unhealthy fats, artificial additives, and high levels of salt, which might impact mood.

4. Alcohol: Excessive alcohol intake can disrupt neurotransmitter balance and worsen anxiety.

5. Fried Foods: High in unhealthy fats, fried foods may contribute to inflammation and affect mood.

6. High-Sodium Foods: Excess sodium can affect blood pressure and contribute to feelings of anxiety.

7. Artificial Sweeteners: Some people may be sensitive to artificial sweeteners, which could impact mood.

8. Gluten: In some cases, gluten sensitivity might be linked to anxiety-like symptoms.