8 dry fruits for weight loss

1. *Almonds:* Rich in healthy fats, fiber, and protein, almonds can help keep you feeling full and satisfied, reducing overall calorie intake.

2. *Walnuts:* High in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, walnuts can promote a feeling of fullness and provide essential nutrients.

3. *Pistachios:* These nuts are lower in calories compared to some other nuts, and their shells can slow down your eating pace, promoting mindful consumption.

4. *Cashews:* While higher in calories, cashews are a good source of protein and healthy fats, helping control hunger and supporting overall well-being.

5. *Raisins:* Though higher in natural sugars, raisins are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, offering a sweet and satisfying snack in moderation.

6. *Dates:* High in natural sugars, dates can provide a sweet alternative to processed sugars, and their fiber content aids in digestion and satiety.

7. *Prunes:* Prunes are rich in fiber and sorbitol, a natural sugar alcohol, which can help prevent overeating by promoting a feeling of fullness.