8 Digital gifts for your sister this Rakhi

1. E-book Subscription: Gift her a subscription to an e-book service, so she can enjoy a wide range of digital books.

2. Online Course: Find an online course related to her interests, whether it's photography, cooking, or a new language.

3. Streaming Service Subscription: Give her access to her favorite movies, TV shows, and music with a subscription to a streaming platform.

4. Virtual Experience: Purchase tickets to a virtual concert, theater performance, or virtual museum tour that she can enjoy from home.

5. Personalized Playlist: Curate a digital playlist filled with songs that hold special meaning to both of you.

6. Digital Artwork: Commission a digital artist to create a custom piece of digital art for her.

7. Fitness App Membership: If she's into fitness, consider getting her a subscription to a popular fitness app or online workout program.

8. Online Gaming Credits: If she enjoys gaming, gift her credits for her favorite online gaming platform or in-game purchases.