1. Lavender: Its strong fragrance can deter weeds.

2. Mint: Creates a dense ground cover that inhibits weed growth.

3. Chrysanthemums: Contain natural chemicals that discourage weeds.

4. Clover: Competes with weeds for space and nutrients.

5. Thyme: Forms a low, dense mat that discourages weed growth.

6. Borage: Attracts pollinators and shades out weeds.

7. Marigolds: Emit chemicals that repel certain pests and inhibit weeds.

8. Sweet Potatoes: Their vigorous growth shades out weeds.

9. Buckwheat: Grows quickly, suppressing weeds with its dense growth.

10. Oregano: Releases oils that hinder weed growth.

11. Sunflowers: Towering plants provide shade and competition for weeds.