How to Get the Shadow Company Mil-Sim Skin for Free in Warzone 2 and MW2

How to Get the Shadow Company Mil-Sim Skin for Free in Warzone 2 and MW2

If you’re eager to snag the coveted Shadow Company Mil-Sim skin without spending a dime in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 6, we’ve got you covered. This sleek skin is your reward for reaching Prestige Rank 25, and here’s how to do it.

•The Road to Prestige Rank 25:

First things first, you need to hit Prestige Rank 25, and to do that, you’ll have to earn 200 Prestige Stars. The maximum level in Season 5 is 1050, but in Season 6, it’s been bumped up to 1250. Here’s how you can earn those Prestige Stars:

1. •Level Up: Each time you level up, you’ll snag a Prestige Star.
2. •Complete Challenges: Diverse challenges await you, offering Prestige Stars as rewards. Find them in the Challenges menu.
3. •Battle Pass Rewards: Keep an eye out for Prestige Stars tucked away in some Battle Pass rewards.

•Strategies to Reach Prestige Rank 25 Swiftly:

To accelerate your journey to Prestige Rank 25, consider these tactics:

1. •Regular Playtime: The more you play, the more experience you rack up, hastening your level-ups.
2. •Challenges Galore: Focusing on challenges is a quick route to earning Prestige Stars.
3. •Grab the Battle Pass: The Battle Pass dishes out a bunch of Prestige Stars as you progress.

Once you hit Prestige Rank 25, the Shadow Company Mil-Sim skin will be yours, no strings attached. It’ll be right there in your inventory, ready to be flaunted in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

•Additional Tips for that Free Shadow Company Mil-Sim Skin:

1. •Squad Up: Playing with friends not only makes the game more fun but also helps you earn experience and Prestige Stars faster.

2. •Double XP Events: Keep an eye out for these events; they’re a turbocharge to Prestige Rank 25.

3. •XP-Rich Game Modes: Opt for modes like Domination and Hardpoint for more XP per game.

4. XP Boosters: These can be either purchased or earned during gameplay. They’re your secret weapon for amassing XP and Prestige Stars in a hurry.

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Follow these tips diligently, and you’ll soon be rocking the Shadow Company Mil-Sim skin while conquering the battlefield, all without spending a single cent. Enjoy your enhanced gaming experience!

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